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Historical documents – The official proposal about prescribed heroin in the Danish Parliament in 2007/8

Proposed prescribed heroin Motions No. B 4 Folketing 2007-08 Submitted October 5, 2007 by Karin Nødgaard (DF) , Kjaersgaard (DF) , Pia Kristensen (DF) , Tina Petersen (DF) , Birthe […]

Proposed prescribed heroin

Motions No. B 4
Folketing 2007-08

Submitted October 5, 2007 by Karin Nødgaard (DF) , Kjaersgaard (DF) , Pia Kristensen (DF) , Tina Petersen (DF) , Birthe Skaarup (DF) and Skaarup (DF)

Proposal for a parliamentary resolution

the pilot scheme prescribed heroin as a treatment for particularly badly affected drug addicts


Parliament calls on the government by 1 April 2008, following consultation with the political parties to propose legislation and / or make changes to regulations that may form the basis for the establishment of a Danish pilot scheme prescribed heroin as a treatment for particularly badly affected drug addicts.

Comments on the proposal

Parliament and the government have spent years dealing with the design of a multi- drug policy is both to provide for criminal sanctions against drug trafficking and other drug- related crime , firstly, to implement a humanitarian effort to provide information and other preventive measures can counteract influx of new drug addicts and help those who have come into abuse . An important part of this is that through the various treatment approaches offering concrete help that can give drug users a better life and limit the damage they are doing to themselves and to society at large.

There have in this country has long been a strong desire to draw on other countries’ experiences with support for drug addicts . Already in the 1990s, the People’s Committee of Health study trip to Switzerland (1996) and the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs of the Netherlands (1998) . In October 1998, a hearing in parliament on medical prescription of heroin for heavy drug addicts (see SUU , 1998-99 , plain. Portion – Annex 189) , and a follow-up took place at an expert meeting in May 2002 on a Dutch report on prescribed heroin for therapeutic purposes . In 2003 , the government presented a comprehensive strategy ” fight against drugs” , which has since formed the basis for government action on drugs.

Following the ” fight against drugs” , was associated with the special fund agreement for 2004 allocated 135 million . lion over the period 2004-2007 to implement a number of initiatives on drugs. In addition there are the years 2006 to 2009 allocated additional grant funds of 250 million . DKK new initiatives in this area , including improved treatment . These are funds set aside out of the funds in advance of the budget year on year deployed on drugs. It is clear that from all sides in parliament is a significant interest in developing a drug policy that might improve the situation also for the disadvantaged drug users and at the same time reduce the harm to the surrounding community.

Several sources , including Medical Association , the police and social organizations dealing with drug abuse , has been made in recent years indicated that several European countries have achieved convincing good experience with prescribed heroin to the most vulnerable drug addicts. Experience in Germany, Holland and Switzerland largely positive . Here, it has been found that the medically supervised heroin treatment can be carried out without risk and is more effective than other treatment methods. The treatment reduces health problems , crime and cocaine consumption. Heroin -assisted treatment is more expensive than other treatments , but it has been shown that the extra cost is more than offset by the savings achieved by the falling crime rates and resulting in significant savings in policing .

Regardless of the positive experiences in several countries, Denmark has until recently been reluctant to introduce access to medically prescribed heroin to the special heavy-duty drug addicts. Parliament considered the parliamentary session 2006-07, a resolution of the trial of medically prescribed heroin for special heavy-duty drug users ( B 143). At first reading, May 11, 2007 , the government highlighted in particular that under the present government is committed significantly increased funding in the drugs field , but should wait for an investigation , the government wants the Board of Health to implement . Health Minister said in the first reading , the government has asked the Board of Health to launch a work whose goal is to create a comprehensive overview of the status and challenges in treatment efforts , and that will include the latest international knowledge of heroin prescription .

During the first reading of the B 143 shared views , while only rapporteurs of S , SF, RV and EL endorsed the resolution. The rapporteurs for the Liberals and Conservatives expressed skepticism about the prescribed heroin , but would wait for a hearing, the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs and Health Committee had arranged the 25 May 2007. Rapporteurs for these parties also wanted to wait for the promised statement from the Interior and Health. Danish People’s Party considered it important to include the Danish and international knowledge and views that would be presented at the hearing in May before it would take a specific position on whether to launch a pilot scheme in Denmark and content of a pilot scheme where situation should be .

The hearing May 25, 2007 in Landstingssalen dealing with the main problems concerning heroin addiction and also the various models for experiments with prescribed heroin carried out in a number of countries . About the situation in Denmark , it was stated that there are approx. 7,000 heroin addicts admitted to treatment . In addition, probably a few thousand heroin addicts who are not enrolled in treatment. Overall , there are between 9,000 and 11,000 individuals who are addicted to heroin , and immediately targeted by a treatment with prescribed heroin (referred to as Bloh ) . Of the persons being treated , there is a small proportion of approx. 600 persons have been identified as the group in particular will greatly benefit from a system of prescribed heroin . It is the hallmark of the 600 people who belong to this group , they have a daily or almost daily consumption of opiates. They are also heavily abusing other drugs, and injecting for less than 21 days within the last month. On average, the approx. 18,000 per month on drugs and perform illegal activities for 13 days a month to get money for drugs . In this group, it was found that more than a third have had suicidal thoughts within the past month .

It is this group of approx. 600 persons – including from the experience of the Netherlands – is likely to have a very significant advantage of Bloh . Professionals estimates that this group can certainly be achieved quite massive impact on fuel consumption and to reduce sharply the illegal activities. That according to expert opinion , no doubt, have a stabilizing effect on psychosocial functions , although medical treatment itself can not stand alone . According to information presented at the hearing , it is estimated that there is a group of approx. 180 people who are so congested that they can not readily be included in Bloh . In addition, it can be expected that a large group will have a hard time meeting addressed three times daily to inject heroin. A Danish model must therefore relate to how these particularly affected groups helped, and it must be considered whether Bloh may be relevant to and may later be extended to other heroin addicts than the small group of approx. 600 people.

The hearing examined a number of experts the most important experience from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. In these countries have since the 1990s used Bloh of some groups of drug users. The site is also Australia, Spain, Canada and Belgium followed suit. It is a feature that is found significant improvements in health, both physically and mentally . The consumption of illicit heroin has dropped considerably , and also the consumption of other drugs has declined substantially . Those persons living and working situation has improved and the proportion of people who commit crimes have decreased significantly . One of the lessons that recur in several countries , is that the costs have been associated with launching Bloh fully more than offset by the savings to the society obtains as a result of the reduced crime.

The information contained in the preceding paragraphs are taken from the Technology Council publication ‘ Consultation on prescription drugs . Consultation of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs and Health Committee May 25, 2007 in Landstingssalen , Christiansborg , 78 pages “containing record of speeches on foreign experience of medically prescribed heroin on social and health effects of social perspectives and how Danish pilot schemes can be built. Below will be briefly discussed three of the presentations from the hearing.

Clinical consultant in Copenhagen, Christian Hvidt , through the consultation a number of important issues to be addressed if we want to implement pilot schemes in this country , including

– Minimum requirements for the treatment criteria ,

– The medical environment for therapy and treatment and

– Which situations should exclude from participation in treatment.

Christian Hvidt found that the offer of Bloh initially be offered reasonably stable , not chaotic drug addicts . Treatment should be offered as an ” additional option ” for the group , despite massive conventional addiction treatment , including the highest methadone / Subutex treatment continues to use heroin. Christian Hvidt found that the offer will probably be a small group of users with relatively high levels of function for good. He stressed that the offer is costly and resource-intensive , but the Dutch studies suggest that the additional cost is offset by savings in health care and criminal justice system , as patients seem to be fond of reading.

Another speaker , Mads Uffe Pedersen, of the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research , Aarhus University , outlined the criteria that must be met in order to be classed Bloh as successful . In this respect, the Mads Uffe Pedersen, the expected effect of the approx. 600 people that are the primary target . For this group , it is expected that about 56 per cent . will respond positively to one or more of the following areas : physically, mentally and socially. The positive reaction will typically be for the consumption of illicit heroin reduced to practically nothing , that there is a significant reduction in cocaine use and criminal activity is reduced by 75 per cent . It corresponds to the group’s current average criminal activities of 13 days per month reduced to 3 days of criminal activity by . month . The mental symptoms can be expected to improve by 28 per cent . and physical health improved by 30 per cent . There may of course be problems in measuring method, accuracy , etc. , but overall these are that one can expect very significant improvements likely to occur very rapidly , so that after only a few months for optimal effect.

A third presenter , Jørgen Kjær, Chairman of User Association , the Association for active drug users pointed out that it was now soon nine years since you last had held a hearing in Landstingssalen where heroin trial was on the agenda. Since then, more than 2,000 drug users recorded in police statistics as drug-related deaths . It’s even in recent years found that the death toll rises again and is now at the same level as in the mid 1990s. Jørgen Kjær emphasized the extensive experience gained in Switzerland, where for more than 20 years has focused on harm reduction initiatives in relation to drug abusers and since 1994 has worked with heroin assisted treatment . In Switzerland, at the outset of heroin trial treatment in 1994 until today found more than half of the deaths , while a strong reduction in the number of new heroin users. Jørgen Kjær explained that in countries with heroin assisted treatment concurrence can report better quality of life and improved physical and mental condition , the establishment of housing instead of homelessness and sharp reduction in use of other drugs . At the same time the society recorded a significant drop in the amount of criminal activity.

Danish People’s Party has as its premise that it is by no means acceptable to the group of heroin addicts in this country every year seems a large number of deaths due to , inter alia, 250-275 overdose . Denmark is further the country in Europe where the death rate among drug users is highest , whereas those in other Nordic countries are relatively small and declining . Despite the fact that in recent years has been a much stronger focus on the most marginalized drug users situation , and despite the expansion of processing activities from the mid-1990s and less also increased financial effort, we now recognize that results against the most disadvantaged drug users is far from satisfactory . We have not succeeded in this country to develop treatment programs are more widely to help drug addicts. One must be attentive to the citizens who have become addicted to heroin, living difficult , at times unbearable conditions where quality of life is an almost unknown concept . The daily search for drugs , homelessness or poor housing conditions, the need to commit crime daily or almost daily in order to raise money to its suppliers , the physical and mental deterioration and degradation of living in an environment of crime or prostitution, is disgusting. Society can not stand by and let that quite a large part of this group of our fellow human beings are suffering physically and morally shipwreck in a large number of cases leading to death, either as a result of an overdose or for other reasons related to the abuse .

Danish People’s Party considers it imperative that the government is now making efforts to find new treatments that can help the most vulnerable drug users and reduce the excessively high death toll . We have a modern society like Denmark have a responsibility , as far as possible, to help drug addicts out of the social morass they’ve come in. There must be a possibility that so many of the drug users as possible can normalize their lives whole or in part , including reach to a normal housing situation and come back – totally or partially – in the labor market .

As Annex 1 to this resolution is reprinted an article by journalist Bjarne Steenbeck from Berlingske Tidende January 28, 2007 , containing a report on the everyday life of a crack whore . This article provides a comprehensive picture of the reality and the life that surrounds many drug-addicted prostitutes . It is , inter alia, this group of citizens who can be helped by a pilot scheme for Bloh .

After the hearing on 25 May 2007, the Danish People’s Party reviewed the information and views presented at the hearing and has considered how best to incorporate the experience was outlined in the Folketing and the government’s political considerations.

Against this background, the Danish People’s Party strongly believe that we in this country without further delay should decide to launch a pilot scheme . There is after Danish People’s rating so extensive and longstanding practical experience in a number of European countries, notably Germany , the Netherlands and Switzerland that are no longer convincing arguments to await further foreign studies or research . All relevant considerations suggest that we should start with the earliest implementation of our own , Danish trials with prescribed heroin to addicts. Danish People’s Party wants in this context to emphasize that treatment with prescribed heroin obviously can not stand alone, but must be seen as part of a concerted effort of multiple agents that may be used in substance abuse treatment.

Danish People’s Party understands that the government has decided to allow the Board of Health prepare a comprehensive study that may be available on 15 October 2007. Such a statement may be a practical useful follow-up after the hearing on 25 May. The statement will also benefit from being part of the committee’s work in the context of the present resolution , so hopefully a united parliament can come together to decide to launch a Danish pilot scheme .

Danish People’s Party is aware that the proposers of the B 143 in the parliamentary session 2006-07 listed a set of facts which the proposal should be addressed in a Danish pilot scheme . Those factors were

– To the pilot scheme should have a time limit and a trial design such as to favor ethical and scientific criteria for treatment and testing ,

– That the trial should be organized so that it targeting the particularly badly affected drug addicts

– That the trial should be authorized and subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the relevant authorities ,

– That heroin should be a secondary element in the treatment to be supported by adequate psychosocial treatment ,

– That the trial would be conducted in health inadequate facilities under the supervision and support from health professionals ,

– The medically prescribed heroin was not allowed to be traded illegally and finally

– The attempt not to include young people under 18.

Danish People’s Party agrees that it is extremely important to consider each of these terms , and there may be other important factors that should be included in the design of the Danish pilot scheme . The authors have chosen to present motions to lay up to the parliamentary parties with the government to discuss the design of the Danish pilot scheme , so a broad majority of the parties as possible behind the adoption of the pilot scheme . It is preferred by the proposers think it is important to attempt its success, it becomes a joint project between parliament and government .

Written submission

Karin Nødgaard (DF) :

As rapporteur for the proposers , I respectfully submit :

Proposal for a parliamentary resolution on trial basis with prescribed heroin as a treatment for particularly badly affected drug addicts.

( Resolution no B 4).

I refer to the comments accompanying the proposal and recommend it to parliament benevolent treatment.

+ + + + + + Appendix Appendix 1

Article by Bjarne Steen Beck in Berlingske Tidende January 28 9/21/2007 “It is 1,150 dollars to be there, but soweth also unconscious ‘

Interview: Linda

While the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland are setting new standards in drug policy , so spæner addicts in Denmark still around to provide substances: Linda accepts such . to be unconscious , while a 71- year-old man having sex with her. Five other girls in Skelbækgade accept similarly ‘s requirements in order to obtain drugs.

By Bjarne Steenbeck

Tagensvej in Copenhagen is called the road of life . It starts at Rigshospitalet and ends out at Bispebjerg Crematorium .

Linda lives almost out at Bispebjerg .

Her , her boyfriend’s and friend’s lives are partly the result of Danish drug policy in the year 2007 – while other countries have changed the price , so Denmark has not yet dared to make , for example, experiments with state-controlled heroin to the hardest core of addicts . They whip around to raise money :

Linda has for four years had a customer who turn to sex with corpses. A 71- year-old man drugging her with ten lexotaner and two F2er . Then he has sex with her by paying her in the form of several sought-after pills, which he has , because his wife works in a nursing home .

‘ Then you are unconscious and have no idea what he’s doing. Sometimes you wake up in small glimpse and sees that he licks there, but registering it really. And it’s not something we ‘re talking about. He says nothing , and I do not ask , “says Linda. Another five girls have this man as a customer and as a part of their everyday lives.

“That’s 1,150 dollars to be there, but then you also unconscious ,” says Linda, as in the normal customers Skelbækgade get 400 dollars for a fuck and 200 for a blow job .

LINDA’S GIRLFRIEND GETS beside the sofa and is in the process of distributing heroin together with his friend – Carsten – sitting in the apartment’s second bed.

“Yes, damn far out that you have it,” commented his girlfriend , who recently escaped from prison. A little absent . He has also reason – he has namely been a pretty busy morning , where he and Carsten has made ​​today’s first theft.

Carsten heater brown heroin on a piece of aluminum foil so that it is transformed into a small brown blob. With a tube sucks his steam from the blob into the lungs.

” Ahhhhhh ,” is it over from him when he’s finished . For a moment find peace to him for the first time .

“He is springtur ,” says Linda, as she tries to find a vein. The same thing happens shortly after his girlfriend , and then they sit both there with needles stuck in his arms , and his girlfriend’s otherwise troubled dog, Chili, has found an ancient bone under the couch and in sympathy also put their feet on the sofa with Dog bone hanging out of the mouth .

Springtur means that Carsten has escaped from prison in now three weeks. He has been allowed to hide from Linda because he – according to Linda – is an industry leader for theft.

Took off ?

“Yes, so he hiding up here. He is good at making money. I have never met someone who is as good as he is. He is sovereign . ”

And she may well be right in. This one bedroom apartment is striking many B & O remote controls, a B & O TV , two large speakers and a stereo system from the same manufacturer .

A NORMAL DAY for the two men is a break in the morning and one in the afternoon .

“My girlfriend made ​​the trick there thefts until Carsten moved . The first day we made 17,000 pounds. We sold things on the same day at the store , and then we had twenty grams of heroin and lots of pills. We enjoyed ourselves for three days , so the money was used up, “says Linda and shakes his head by himself and the two men .

Carsten is again taking and has started with marijuana .

You know exactly who is going to buy all this stuff?

“Yes, the kiosks . They have already ordered laptops, and we know what we should go for , “says Linda.

And with one laptop computer would think that the economy of this day was at home , but that is not the case. It makes the 500 dollars for . A car radio they get 50 dollars for .

“Then we have the B & O sound system to 27,000 ,” says Linda , pointing to the speakers and stereo.

” We must have shot off. They were a sell it for 2,000 kroner yesterday, but then I said, ‘Stop , man ‘ . To which I wish to see. It will not be sold for less than 5,000 . Today they are also happy that it ‘s gone. There’s a buyer who will give 5,000 , but it will probably end up with 4,000 pounds. It always does it . ”

TIME IS OF BEING 14:00, and the two men have taken their jackets on . After a half hour on the sofa , they have it again – afternoon minds breach waiting.

Linda goes into the kitchen and make a little lunch. Tuna mixed with corn . She shakes even upside down by their everyday lives, but it can not be otherwise. They are addicted to drugs and pills , and so we need to raise money.

In HOLLAND , PARTS OF GERMANY and Switzerland provide the state heroin – thereby avoiding large scale burglary, and the girls do not have to meet men necrophiliac desires and what the industry would otherwise possess.

At home , politicians have so far rejected that Denmark should go the same way . But now the Socialists will help to make a study of state paid heroin to the most vulnerable drug addicts. And the Conservatives are open to discussing it .

A group of Dutch researchers has published a health economic analysis in the British Medical Journal, which shows that for every addict in treatment saves society 240,000 dollars a year to fight crime and damages. For every addict will medically prescribed heroin cost 130,000 crowns.

Health has previously advised against this treatment. It is expensive, sounded grounds. And politicians have feared that prescribed heroin will entice even more into alcohol abuse . That’s just not gone in Zurich, Switzerland . In 1990 there 850 new users, and after prescribed heroin was introduced , the figure for 2002 down to 150 new users, view an article from the British medical journal The Lancet in June last year.

LINDA’S PHONE RINGS . It is a drug dealer from Alberton – one of the regular customers. She must be out there at seven and also get here substances as payment.

Suddenly, the two young men into the apartment again .

“Hey , that was quick ,” exclaims Linda.

“We must have the facility ,” answers Carsten .

“Is it sold? ‘

‘ Yes . ‘

“Where are you going? ‘

“Down to the kiosk ,” said Carsten who wears B & O stereo, while his girlfriend , the two speakers.

“We’ll see – I’ll go for a walk with the dog ,” says Linda.

She fills the 28 years to February and has a daughter of seven years living with a foster family . Linda left home when she was 12 years old and took heroin for the first time when she was 16. She is from the generation that in elementary school were viewing the world famous film about drug girl Christiane F. Linda seemed , unlike the others in the class that Christiane F. lived a fascinating life .

It seems she does not anymore. It’s too raw . She is focusing on topless serving in Istedgade , and here carries one of the staff weapons.

“I’ve even driven a knife into the thigh of a man, and I have used tear gas . Now I have found out that when I get raped, so I just lay still. For the more resistance you do, the more excites you the man , and the more evil do it yourself. So it is important to be as quiet as possible and just let him do his work. It is the experience of having gone down there for so many years . ”

She was raped 12 times .


Linda says ‘ yes ‘ and five seconds later again ‘ yes ‘ . So she says the conversation.

“It was him. He, the 71 -year-old . He ‘ll be here shortly . ”

That’s a lie !

Silence .

Do you have a clue what it is that he does to you ?

“The only thing I think is that he did not use condoms . But we are never on it. He gives me ten Lexotaner that cost 15 dollars apiece – that’s 150 pounds. Then I get twenty F2ere which cost 50 dollars each . It is 1,150 dollars to be there, but you are also unconscious. I do not even know what he’s doing . ”

The doorbell rings .

We look at each other . She opens .

The old man with the necrophiliac desires enters. He looks like any grandfather with brushed-back gray hair. Of all people , he takes nicely and politely shoes off before he walks into the room. He sees me , go and shake hands and introduce himself by name. He says , nodding a little uncomfortable.

Linda begins with a little small talk . He nods continue .

Well, it may be that I should go now !

It is three o’clock .

Outside of Tagensvej get stuck and you remember that the old man does not know tracks that Linda before Christmas was diagnosed with HIV.

Three hours later I call her. She should have been in Skelbækgade five o’clock , where the photographer was ready.

” No, when I’m not down. I’m only starting to get to me even now . I would also like Alberton at seven, “says Linda.

It was then that day for Linda, his girlfriend and Carsten . Tomorrow begins a new – and several other addicts will look like theirs.

The names in this article are fictitious . The cast’s identity is known by the editors .




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And then there’s even money in it for the apparently empty treasury , although heroin-assisted treatment – especially because of the insane and largely politically motivated restrictions that apply now , as for example, also means that enrollment can no longer hold down a job ! – In fact, quite pricey . A Dutch cost-benefit analysis shows that if we prescribe heroin to 1000 heroin addicts , we have a net profit of DKK 100 million – as a result of savings in health care and criminal apparatus. That’s it! Everybody should be happy . © Nanna W Gotfredsen I copy / pastet some of Nanna’s best bet !