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Do you want to save lives? Have a first-aid course and get “naloxone” – that reverses opiate-related overdoses, at BF.

Naloxone næsesprayWhen heroin users use street based heroin they always risk overdosing if the heroin is too strong. And it happens that users overestimate their own tolerance – and therefore take too much – more than they can tolerate – heroin, morphine or methadone. Are you drug user or relative to one you can now have a short first-aid course, and get a little “life-saver” activist bag containing naloxone – at BF – the bag hold a pre-filled syringe with 5 ml. Naloxone (as can be used with a nasal device) – the right antidote – exactly the same the ambulances and doctors at hospital uses when reversing an overdose – the course last max two hours where you learn to identify an opiate-overdose (heroin, morphine or methadone) and how to provide relevant first aid.

Do you want to save lives? – then consult BrugerForeningen – Korsgade 30.3. or call us on telephone: 35 36 01 50 – or write a mail to chairman Jørgen Kjærs mail address: jk@brugerforeningen.xx – (change .xx med .dk)

Then we will add you on the next “life-saver” course where you can participate.

– After that you are fully prepared to save lives.

Naloxone reverse an overdose on max 2-4 minutes!

At BF we are 18 activist educated as “life-savers” whereas many have used naloxone, some even several times, and prevented fatal overdoses – it is fantastic – when one knows exactly how to act when reversing an overdose with the right remedies – using naloxone successfully – you’ll never forget how wonderful it is to save a another persons life!

Call BF or send Jørgen a mail today!