Bøger og Blade

(English) Black Poppy


Black Poppy is an is a nonprofit making, user run organisation that creates and produces the drug user’s health and lifestyle magazine, Black Poppy. Our e-zine covers all the best bits from our magazine – personal experiences (the good & the bad & the ugly), articles on overdose prevention, addiction and treatment, health and harm reduction issues for drug users, safer injecting information, the drugs we’re using; depressants like benzos and opiates, stimulants like crack, coke, speed etc, and of course, hallucinogens, organic and synthetics. BP looks at drug culture, politics and history; we look at what we are using, how we are using it – and strive to keep us updated as to how we can keep ourselves better informed, thus making safer decisions around drug use. See our ABOUT US for more info on BP and our views, our history and our drive for drug users to be seen as part of the solution – not the problem.